1. How To Store A Bed

    While we can offer tips and tricks on how to store certain items, a big part of storage is common sense. How can I put this item in this box without it breaking? How many books can I put in this box before the bottom falls out? See, it’s pretty simple. That’s why it’s called self-storage after…Read More

  2. Elderly Parents Moving In? Here’s How We Can Help

    Many adults who have a close relationship with their parents understand that one day they will likely be the ones caring for them in their old age. This often involves one or both parents moving in with their adult children for the remainder of their lives, and that can be a stressful event. You wan…Read More

  3. Self Storage Tips For New College Students

    College students, a few weeks ago we posted a blog about what your parents might do to your room after you move out. This included everything from turning it into a full-time guest bedroom to completely overtaking it by creating a home gym or a craft room. Obviously, we couldn’t post that without …Read More

  4. How Teachers Can Utilize Self Storage Units

    While most people follow the rule, “Don’t take your work home with you,” teachers know that with papers to grade and lesson plans to write, sometimes “home” is the only place to get work done! Summer is typically a big transition time for teachers. They might be moving to a new classroom i…Read More

  5. Getting Ready To Sell Your Home? Here’s How We Can Help

    We know what you’re thinking. Is a self-storage facility really telling us to rent a storage unit just as we’re about to move out of our home? We get it; putting items into self-storage as you prepare to move out of your house may seem counterintuitive. After all, why would you put all of your s…Read More

  6. 10 Quick Reasons To Love Chapel Hill Self-Storage

    If you’ve kept up with our blog, you’ve likely learned a lot about how to best utilize our storage solutions. Today, though, we’re keeping it short with 10 quick reasons to love our storage facility! Let’s get started: Why We Love Chapel Hill's Storage Solutions Your Storage When You Want It…Read More

  7. How To Avoid Musty Clothing When Using Self-Storage

    We’ve all experienced pulling clothing or bedding out of storage and getting a whiff of a strong, musty odor. Many people think this is just what happens when you put clothing in storage for months on end, but there are ways to prevent this — and to get rid of the musty smell if it is already to…Read More