1. 3 Moisture Absorbers For Your Storage Unit

    3 Moisture Absorbers For Your Storage Unit

    Here at Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre, we offer climate-controlled self-storage units as well as regular storage units. Our climate-controlled facility features dehumidifiers and tools to keep the temperature relatively steady and the humidity low. This is designed to help protect fragile items or…Read More

  2. 10 Things To Move Into Your Storage Unit This Weekend

    10 Things To Move Into Your Storage Unit This Weekend

    Chances are that if you are like most Americans, you have some items in your home that you never use or even think about. All of these extra belongings can make your home, garage, and attic feel cluttered. However, if you have held on to these possessions for this long, it is likely for a reason. Pe…Read More

  3. How To Use Self-Storage Like a Pro

    When choosing the best self-storage facility for you, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. First, you want to choose a storage facility that won’t cost an arm and a leg — after all, what is the point of renting a storage unit if you can’t afford it. Next, you want to make sure it i…Read More

  4. Self Storage Units Makes Moving Easy

    Moving can be one of the most stressful things a person goes through. You truly don’t realize how much stuff you own until you have to pack it all up in boxes. Here at Chapel Hill Self Storage in Akron, OH, we want to help make moving a little easier. If you are staying in the Akron area, then we …Read More

  5. 5 Crazy Items Found In Storage Units During Auctions

    Well, we never thought storage units would be the subject of a hit TV show, but we’ve certainly been proven wrong. The most notable storage-based TV drama is, of course,  A&E’s “Storage Wars,” which has been going strong since 2010. The show focuses on a specific aspect of self-storage …Read More

  6. Infographic: Spring Clean Your Home And Self-Storage Unit

    Spring is here, and that means it is time for everyone’s favorite activity: spring cleaning. At Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre, we want to do what we can to assist you with spring cleaning. That means offering short and long-term storage units ranging from small 5x5-foot self-storage units to hug…Read More

  7. Infographic: How To Avoid Injuries When Using Self-Storage

    Self-storage units might just be the greatest invention of the last one hundred years. Okay, considering that computers, microwaves, and sliced bread were all invented in that timeframe, we might be overstating the importance of self-storage just a tad. But, we digress. Self-storage is the perfect w…Read More