1. How Businesses Can Utilize Self-Storage Units

    When it comes to running a business, there is a big difference between growing your business and growing your office space. When your office starts to feel a little crowded, don’t cancel your lease and upsize just yet. First, consider how the space in your office is being used. Do you have a back …Read More

  2. Plastic Bins Or Cardboard Boxes: Which Is Better?

    When you go to the grocery store, you are likely asked, “Paper or plastic?” at the checkout station. However, the paper or plastic debate spans far beyond the grocery store. When it comes to putting your items in self-storage, you have to ask yourself, “Cardboard or plastic?” The type of box…Read More

  3. Learn All About Akron!

    If you’re using our Akron self-storage facility, you likely call Akron ‘home.’ And what better way to appreciate your home than with a list of interesting facts, history, and tidbits? In today’s blog, we are stepping away from talking about storage units for a few minutes to offer up a littl…Read More

  4. Back To School Storage Tips

    We’re approaching the end of summer and before you know it, your kids will be heading back to school. Many will be bumping up to the next grade level, and some will even be entering a brand new school. This can be a stressful and exciting time for the entire family, but don’t worry. In today’s…Read More

  5. How To Store Large Furniture In A Storage Unit

    A couple weeks ago, the Chapel Hill Self Storage blog discussed the proper way to store a bed in our Akron storage facility, including how to protect the mattress and bedding while in storage. In today’s blog, we are going to offer up some tips about storing other large pieces of furniture you mig…Read More

  6. How To Store Patio Furniture In Self-Storage

    Most people will own patio furniture at some point in their lives, and living in the Midwest means they will likely need to put it in storage for the winter. Whether your patio consists of some beach chairs and a card table, or you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in high-end patio furniture, knowi…Read More

  7. How To Store A Bed

    While we can offer tips and tricks on how to store certain items, a big part of storage is common sense. How can I put this item in this box without it breaking? How many books can I put in this box before the bottom falls out? See, it’s pretty simple. That’s why it’s called self-storage after…Read More

  8. Elderly Parents Moving In? Here’s How We Can Help

    Many adults who have a close relationship with their parents understand that one day they will likely be the ones caring for them in their old age. This often involves one or both parents moving in with their adult children for the remainder of their lives, and that can be a stressful event. You wan…Read More

  9. Self Storage Tips For New College Students

    College students, a few weeks ago we posted a blog about what your parents might do to your room after you move out. This included everything from turning it into a full-time guest bedroom to completely overtaking it by creating a home gym or a craft room. Obviously, we couldn’t post that without …Read More

  10. How Teachers Can Utilize Self Storage Units

    While most people follow the rule, “Don’t take your work home with you,” teachers know that with papers to grade and lesson plans to write, sometimes “home” is the only place to get work done! Summer is typically a big transition time for teachers. They might be moving to a new classroom i…Read More