This is a question we hear often here at the Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre. As one of the premier self-storage facilities in Akron, Ohio, we offer climate-controlled storage units for sensitive items that might otherwise be damaged. This question doesn’t have an easy answer. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how valuable, either emotionally or financially, an item is that you are storing, and if it would be worth the extra money each month to protect these items.

What Climate Control Means To Us

Some storage facilities offer temperature-controlled storage units, and others offer humidity controlled storage units. At our Akron self-storage center, we offer the best of both worlds by controlling temperature and humidity inside of our special climate-controlled storage units. Our climate-controlled storage units stay between the temperatures of 55 and 72 degrees, with low humidity levels. While temperature control is a great way to keep sensitive storage items in good condition, many people undervalue the importance of keeping humidity levels low to provide favorable conditions for mildew and mold growth.

Protect Your Valuables With Climate-Controlled Storage

Some Items Need Climate Control

While some items may be just fine in non-climate controlled units, others need it to stay in good condition. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but today we would like to recommend a few possessions that fair better in a controlled environment.

  1. Clothing: While changes between hot and cold might not have lasting effects on clothing, high humidity levels can cause mildew to grow. If you are simply storing some snow clothes that you take out every year and wash, then these might be okay for normal storage. However, if you are storing a wedding dress that you want your daughter to wear decades later, then choosing climate controlled storage might prevent any unwanted surprises when you unpack it all those years later.
  2. Photographs: Photographs often end up in storage units because they take up space in the house, but you don’t want to get rid of them. High temperature and humidity can cause printed photographs to warp and stick together. When you pull them apart, the image can tear right off the paper. For this reason, if your photos will be stored for any extended length of time, opt for placing these valuable items in a humidity controlled storage unit.
  3. Musical Instruments: While the ten-dollar plastic recorder you played in second grade will probably do just fine in regular storage, you should consider putting that antique baby grand piano or that vintage violin in a climate-controlled unit. Fluctuating temperatures that you can find in a regular storage unit can cause wood to shrink and expand, leading to cracks and warpage in your instruments. If your instrument has any significant monetary or sentimental value, a climate-controlled unit is the way to go.
  4. Wine: While many of us would love to have our own wine cellars to expertly store our favorite bottles, most often this isn’t a possibility. However, storing wine properly is the key to keeping it fresh and allowing it to age well. Many people hold on to bottles of wine for sentimental reasons. Perhaps you took a nice honeymoon in Italy and purchased a bottle of wine to drink on your tenth anniversary. The last thing you want ten years later is a cloudy, “cooked” wine that aged too fast. Save yourself a trip to the liquor store with a temperature-controlled storage unit.
  5. Vinyl Records: Before you throw your old Beatles, Elvis, or Rolling Stones records into a regular old storage unit, consider this. Playing a vinyl on a record player requires the disk to be perfectly formed for good sound quality. If a record gets too hot, it can warp. If it gets too cold – which it definitely will in our Ohio winters – it can snap right in half. For this reason, it is best to go with a nice storage unit with temperature control.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units That Won’t Break The Bank

Our climate-controlled units that offer safe storage temperature and humidity levels start at just 35 dollars a month for a 5-feet by 5-feet unit for storing those few important items that you couldn’t bear to see warp, break, or find covered in mildew. For those who have large collections of instruments, photographs, electronics, or other sensitive items, we offer climate-controlled storage units up to 200 square feet, meaning there is plenty of space for all of your storage needs. Contact us today to get started storing at Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre.