10 Things To Move Into Your Storage Unit This Weekend

Chances are that if you are like most Americans, you have some items in your home that you never use or even think about. All of these extra belongings can make your home, garage, and attic feel cluttered. However, if you have held on to these possessions for this long, it is likely for a reason. Perhaps those items have sentimental or monetary value. Perhaps you use them only once a year and you just don’t know what to do with them.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! At Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre, we offer affordable self-storage for all those items that just seem to be taking up space in your home. Whether you need a small 5×5-foot storage unit or a 10×30 unit, we’ve got you covered.

To help you get started clearing up some valuable space, here are ten items you probably have in your home right now that should really go into your self-storage unit.

Top 10 Items To Put In Storage This Weekend


  1. Furniture You Don’t Use: That futon from college, that random side table in the basement that you are keeping just in case you move into a bigger house, and that rocking chair that hasn’t been used since your child was born can all go into storage.
  2. Books: We don’t want to discourage anyone from reading, but we also don’t want you to be in a cluttered home full of books that you never pick up. Start with moving encyclopedias, dictionaries, and old textbooks into your self-storage unit. Let’s be honest, you can look up any information you might need on your phone, anyways. If your bookshelves are still too full, get rid of books that you can’t imagine picking up in the next six months. Leave only a handful of books that you might read, and once you finish those go exchange them at your makeshift library in your very own storage unit. 
  3. All Of Those Random Electronics: Most people have a box or drawer full of random cords and chargers. First, go through this and see if you need any of it. For example, you probably don’t need that old car charger for your old Nokia phone from 2002. However, you might want to keep your spare charger for your fancy camera. Once you decide what you need and what you can throw out, throw that box into your storage unit.
  4. Snowboards, Skis, and Sleds: This group should also include: snowshoes, toboggan, ski poles, and anything else that can only be used in the snow. If you aren’t going to need them for a couple months then they are just taking up space in your garage or basement. This is a time when, “Out of sight, out of mind” can really make life a little easier!

  5. Winter Jackets: Similar to number four, if the weather has warmed up and you won’t need to be using that giant jacket anymore, throw it in storage until next winter. It’s just taking up space in your closet that can be better used for summer clothing.

  6. Christmas And Holiday Decorations: We don’t just mean winter holiday decor, either! If you have boxes full of Halloween, Fourth of July, Saint Patrick’s Day, or Valentine’s Day decorations, put them in storage. Label each box so you know exactly what you need to grab when the next holiday is approaching!

  7. Camping Supplies: We know the camping season is just ramping up and if you’re someone who goes camping every weekend, then, by all means, keep your camping gear in your garage. However, if you only go camping once a year — if that —  then your tent, cooler, and sleeping bags might be better off in your storage unit.

  8. CDs, DVDs, and VHS Tapes: If you are one of those people who has not touched a CD or DVD since the invention of Netflix and iTunes then it might be time to box those up to put in your self-storage unit. And if you don’t currently own a VHS player, then there is no reason for VHS tapes to be in your house. Keep in mind that these, like most electronics, fair better in climate-controlled storage units.

  9. The Kids’ Old Bikes And Toys: For many parents, their children’s old toys hold a lot of sentimental value that they don’t want to let go of. However, if you have a Big Wheel Tricycle collecting spiders and dust in the corner of your garage and your youngest is now in high school, it might be time to move it into storage.

  10. Photographs: Many people have boxes and boxes of old photographs sitting in their attic or home office. Moving these into climate-controlled storage can be a way to free up some space while still keeping them in a controlled environment.

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