Tetris is one of the most popular video games to ever grace our screens. Released in 1984, it was the first piece of video game entertainment exported to the United States from the Soviet Union – right in the midst of the Cold War, at that! This addictive game may have made people forget about their tensions for a few minutes (or countless hours) as they tried to fit Tetris pieces together as snugly as possible. When you really stop and think about it, packing a storage unit is a lot like playing Tetris.

If you need a refresher, the game works by dropping various tetrominoes — a word for a shape composed of four squares — from the top of the screen where they will fall to the bottom. The player can move the shapes left and right, as well as rotate them 90-degrees at a time. The goal is to move and rotate the pieces to make them fit tightly together at the bottom of the screen without any empty spaces. Once a row is completely filled with squares from the tetrominoes, it disappears. If you have too many empty spaces, the pieces will pile up and reach the top of the screen, ending the game.

How Packing A Storage Unit Is Like Playing Tetris

You Want Your Pieces To Fit Snugly Together

Having empty space in Tetris is one of the fastest ways to lose. If there are empty squares with no tetrominoes in them, then that row will not disappear and your stack will get higher and higher until it reaches the top of the screen. When packing your self-storage unit, the same rules apply. If you have pieces that don’t fit snugly together, not only are you wasting space, but you are also creating a less sturdy structure. You can solve this problem by putting oddly-shaped items into bigger, stackable boxes or into the drawers of desks and dressers in storage.

You’ll Have Different Sizes And Shapes Of Boxes

The fun part about Tetris is finding ways for all of your shapes to stack neatly together. This sometimes means putting two narrow shapes on top of a flatter shape. Packing boxes in your storage unit is the same! When you have large and small boxes, make sure the big boxes are on the bottom and pack multiple smaller boxes on top to create that snug arrangement we mentioned above.

You Don’t Want Your Pieces to Get Too High

You lose Tetris when your pieces pile up too high and hit the ceiling, therefore, ensuring your have the bulk of your tetrominoes near the bottom of the screen is essential to getting lots of points. The same goes for your storage boxes. You “lose” at storage when your items get stacked so high you can no longer reach them or they become a tower waiting to topple over. Keep the bulk of your storage items stacked no higher than your shoulders. Rather than stacking all of the light items on top of one another, be sure to create a base-level of heavy, sturdy items and make sure each box is lighter than the one under it.

It’s Totally Addicting

If you haven’t played Tetris in a while, we will caution you before you pick it back up again. It is truly a game that will make you want to play over and over again. Self-storage is the same way. Once you realize that storage units can be affordable options that help you declutter your home without getting rid of stuff you care about, you’ll want to get a bigger storage unit to clear out your house even more!

Two Ways Storage Units Are Not Like Tetris

You Can See All Of Your “Pieces” Beforehand

While some Tetris adaptations will show you the “next piece,” when you pack boxes and items into a storage unit, you have the ability to see everything that will go into your self-storage unit before you start putting them in. That means you can truly plan for what is ahead.

There’s A “This Side Up”

In Tetris, you can rotate each piece to fit your needs. However, most items in your storage unit will have an obvious side that should be upright. This is important to ensure you don’t pick up a box and have all of your delicate Christmas ornaments to come crashing out!

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