Self-storage units might just be the greatest invention of the last one hundred years. Okay, considering that computers, microwaves, and sliced bread were all invented in that timeframe, we might be overstating the importance of self-storage just a tad. But, we digress. Self-storage is the perfect way for the average person to have control over where they store their belongings, how they store them, and when they can have access to them — which is 24/7, by the way, if you choose to store your items with Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre.

However, the one downside of self-storage is that many people are left to move heavy items by themselves and often do so in ways that can prove detrimental to their safety. The good news is that in today’s blog post, we are offering some valuable tips on how to avoid injuries when moving items in and out of your self-storage unit.

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Avoid Injuries When Moving Storage Items


Move In Weather Permitting: The phrase “weather permitting” has long been, truthfully, a bit of a buzz-kill. You’ve probably heard people say things like, “The game will happen weather permitting,” or “The wedding will be outdoors weather permitting.” It basically means, “If the weather doesn’t cooperate, then all the fun is over.”

However, when it comes to putting items in self-storage, we truly do recommend that the big move in day happens whenever you’re all packed and ready… weather permitting. If we’re having one of those rare 90-degree days it might be best to wait until the weather cools down to avoid any heat sickness. Additionally, if it is snowy or, even worse, icy, the last thing you want to do is risk slipping when you’re taking a heavy box out of the back of your truck. If it makes it any better, having fair weather when you move your items in will help protect them as well. If it rains on your cardboard boxes in your truck bed on the way over, you can expect to find some mildew the next time you open your storage unit.

Take A Buddy: It’s always nice to use the buddy system when you’re moving into your storage unit if only to have another set of hands helping to lift the heavy objects. If you think a box, couch, or another heavy object might be better suited for two people, be sure to use your best judgment and take a friend with you to help move the heavy stuff.

Wear The Right Gear: Make sure you are wearing restrictive clothing and closed-toe tennis shoes or boots. Avoid wearing sandals, heels, slippers, or shoes that don’t have good support. And most importantly, make sure those laces are tied tight!

If you have experienced back problems in the past, we also recommend wearing a back support belt.

Clear A Path: You should always make sure that whatever you’re carrying is not obstructing your view. The last thing you want is the family cat to dart under your feet while carrying a box to the truck. However, sometimes this is unavoidable. So be sure you have a clear path you can walk through before you get started.

Use Proper Lifting Movements: You have probably heard the phrase, “Lift with your legs, not with your back.” But, let’s go over what that actually looks like. Check out our helpful infographic and read more about this below!

Keep A Wide Stance: A wider base is a sturdier base, so keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other will help to keep you upright.

Bend At The Knees: If you bend from your waist to pick a box up off of the floor, you’ll have no choice but to lift with your back. Instead, squat down near the box and secure your fingers underneath the edges.

Lift With Good Posture: As you lift, be sure to keep your posture straight. Look ahead rather than down at the box, and keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Lift the box by straightening your hips and knees. Don’t forget to breathe as you do so! Most of your power should come from your legs and hips and not from your back or arms.

Don’t Twist Or Turn: Twisting while lifting a heavy box can cause a strain or pull. Make sure to stay aligned and if you need to switch directions, wait until you are upright to do so. Then, use your feet to shuffle whichever direction you need to go rather than turning your whole body. Turning your body can risk straining your knees.

Hold The Box Close To You: Keep your center of balance even by holding the box close to your body. Never throw heavy objects up on your shoulder or hold them on your hip.

Walk Carefully: Leading with your hips, walk carefully toward your destination. This is another great reason to have a friend with you as they can act as your “spotter” to give you a heads-up if you’re about to run into anything. However, like we said before, you should always be able to see where you are going.

Set Down Boxes Slowly: The fun isn’t over yet! You still need to exercise caution when setting down your boxes in your self-storage unit. To set down heavy objects you’ll essentially want to do the previous steps in reverse. Assume a wide stance again, squat down by bending at the knees and hips, and gently place the box on the ground or on top of another box.

Take Advantage Of Self-Storage!

Self-storage has tons of benefits, including low-costs and the flexibility to store your belongings how you want to. We want you to safe when storing your items, and that means knowing how to properly lift them and set them down. If you are worried about sprains and strains, consider even going for a brisk walk or doing some stretching beforehand to make sure your muscles are warmed up. As always, never lift objects by yourself that are clearly too heavy to lift.

If you have any questions about our self-storage units, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre in Akron, Ohio today!

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