It’s that time of year again when many parents are realizing their dreams may be coming true. That’s right, colleges are sending out acceptance letters, meaning that parents everywhere are getting ready to put their child’s bedroom to good use — er, we mean, getting ready to send their child off on an amazing adventure that will better their future. And hey, if their bedroom happens to be turned into a craft room or a home gym in the process, that’s okay too! In all seriousness, you’ve worked very hard to set your child up for success and seeing them move away to go to college is very exciting. It’s a new beginning for both you and your grown-up kiddo. It also means that even though they will always be your baby, it’s time to let them fly and start enjoying the nest for yourself! Whether that means de-kidifying their bedroom and turning it into a generic guest bedroom or turning it into a full-on man cave, it is up to you to decide what to do with their old bedroom, and Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre is here to help!

In today’s blog, we are going to offer some helpful tips on how to turn your kid’s old bedroom into a useful living space when they move out of the house without throwing away all of their belongings.

Ideas For Your Kid’s Old Bedroom

We’ve already mentioned a few ways you can transform your child’s bedroom when they move out to go to college, but we’ll go a little more in-depth below:

  • Home Gym: The kids are gone, and it’s time to take back control over your life now that you aren’t running to and from school events and making trips to the grocery store as your teenager eats everything in the fridge. A few good pieces of equipment to start with are a treadmill and a weightset.
  • Craft Room: Whether your craft is sewing or woodworking, painting or sculpting, having a dedicated craft space can help you thrive. If you really have a knack for it, you can even consider selling your finished crafts to friends and family, or on the internet, for some extra cash.
  • Library: Do you love reading? Are you tired of trying to find a quiet place to read? Turn your kids old room into a dedicated library. Line the walls with shelving and complete the area with plenty of lighting options and a super comfy chair. You can hang twinkle light from the ceiling or cover the walls with book posters to make it match your personality.
  • Turn It Into A Walk-In Closet And Master Suite: Why not use this time for some major home renovation? If your bedroom shares a wall with your kid’s old room, consider saying ‘goodbye’ to the room altogether and ‘hello’ to a luxurious master bathroom complete with a jetted tub and a walk-in closet. Nothing says, “You can’t move back in with us” more than completely gutting their bedroom.
  • Guest Bedroom: If you don’t want to shun your kid completely, you can always turn their old bedroom into a regular guest bedroom. This will involve getting rid of those Star Wars sheets and movie posters in exchange for something a little more grown up. Hang some classy artwork on the wall, and move all of your kid’s old things into storage.

What To Do With All Their Stuff

Likely, when your kid moved off to college they left a room full of belongings. This will probably get in your way as you try to transform their room into a more useful space while they are gone. That’s where we come in! We are your dedicated Akron self-storage center with plenty of space for even the largest collections of clothes and stuffed animals. 

Pack up their stuff in boxes and head on down to Chapel Hill Self Storage! That way, all of their items will be safe and sound, and you’ll have a spare bedroom in the house. Whether you need a small storage unit or a big one, short-term or long-term storage, we’ve got it. We also have climate-controlled storage units for those temperature- or humidity-sensitive items. Get in touch today to learn more about storing your belongings at Self Storage! Oh, and congrats on your kiddo heading off to college!

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