Spring is here, and that means it is time for everyone’s favorite activity: spring cleaning. At Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre, we want to do what we can to assist you with spring cleaning. That means offering short and long-term storage units ranging from small 5×5-foot self-storage units to huge 300-square-feet units. Whether you need to store a few things with us for a month while you get organized or decide that all those old bicycles and kids’ toys are taking up too much space in the garage, we can help!

Get in touch with Chapel Hill today to learn more about our self-storage units, or keep reading to learn about how to spring clean your home and storage unit at the same time.

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How Spring Cleaning Relates To Storage

While doing a deep cleaning of your house can include everything from having the carpets shampooed to putting the oven on a cleaning cycle to cleaning all those nooks and crannies that seem to be looked over each year, it can also mean decluttering. Decluttering your home is a way to make it feel fresh again and can help make it stay clean for longer. However, this doesn’t mean simply throwing all your old items out or taking them to the nearest Goodwill — though, it certainly can! Sometimes you have belongings that are sentimental or don’t have a good place in the house, but you don’t want to get rid of them. This can be anything from those baby clothes that your children grew out of long ago to DVD collections that haven’t been touched in months since everything is available to stream online now. For those types of items, consider moving them into a self-storage unit to free up space in your home!

Not only does spring cleaning involve moving items to a storage unit, but also cleaning out the self-storage unit you already have. To help make sure you’re not overlooking anything important, we’ve thrown together a quick checklist to help you spring clean your home and storage unit like a pro! 

Storage Unit Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Move out-of-season gear into a storage unit: All of those snow jackets, sleds, skis, snow blowers, and the like have no place taking up space in your home during the warmer months. If they’re just going to get in the way, save yourself some hassle by moving them into your storage unit. This is also a great time to go through your holiday decorations, get rid of any twinkle light strands that don’t work anymore, pack up that artificial tree and inflatable Santa Claus, and move everything to storage.
  • Have all clothing cleaned before moving it into storage: Hold your horses! If you just threw your sweaty thermals and dirty ski jacket into a cardboard box, take it back out and clean it properly first. Storing dirty clothing is practically asking for bacteria and mold to fester. For extra protection, throw some mothballs and moisture absorbers into the box with your now-clean clothing items to avoid any surprises later on.
  • Sweep and dust your storage unit: If you are renting a storage unit in Akron for the first time, you can probably skip this step. At Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre, we pride ourselves on ensuring new renters are given a clean self-storage unit. However, if you’ve been storing with us for a while, it might be time to do some light cleaning inside of your storage unit. Even a storage unit that is closed year-round can gather dust, dirt, and debris. Dust off all of the surfaces in your unit and sweep any floor space. If you have wooden furniture in your unit, it might be a good idea to give them a quick rub-down with furniture polish to keep them in good condition.
  • Check for signs of bugs or moisture and take necessary steps: Again, at Chapel Hill, we try to be one of the best self-storage facilities in Akron by keeping our units and aisles clean. And unfortunately, pests don’t pay any attention to our electronic gate and video recording! We don’t expect you’ll have any problems, but if you find any spiders or signs of bugs in your unit, let our on-site manager know and we’d be happy to help remedy the situation. Another issue that you may find a self-storage unit is moisture. Perhaps it was raining the last time you brought boxes in or your tracked some snow into your unit. While it may seem harmless, moisture left to sit in a storage unit can cause musty smells and even mold. You can combat this by throwing some moisture absorbers or desiccants (similar to those little packets found in shoe boxes) into your unit to take care of residual moisture.
  • Check on all valuable items to ensure they are still in good shape: Speaking of moisture, if you have any valuable items in your unit that might be susceptible to moisture or humidity, be sure to check on them. While most items will be fine, delicate items like photographs, paintings, comic books, trading cards, and musical instruments might need regular check-ups to ensure they’re still in good shape. If you have any concerns about these items, a temperature and humidity-controlled storage unit might be a better option.
  • Consider moving some items to climate-controlled storage: As we said above, some items fair better in more controlled environments. These include paper items, electronics, musical instruments, and artwork. Be sure to check out our informational page on climate-controlled self-storage if you would like some more information about our humidity and temperature-controlled storage units. However, when you check-up on all of your valuable or sentimental items this spring, it is the perfect time to move them over to climate-controlled self-storage if you have any concerns.

Let Us Help Your Spring Cleaning Be Successful!

Doing a deep-cleaning of your house can feel really productive until you look around and everything looks the same — minus some dust and burnt cheese on the bottom of the oven. This could be the perfect time to move your unused belongings to a storage facility. Our self-storage units are available to you 24/7, so you never have to worry about not being able to get to those special belongings when you need them.

As one of the newer self-storage facilities in Akron, you can expect our premises to be clean, well-lit, and in great condition. We have an on-site manager available during business hours to assist you with anything you need and video recording and an electronic gate to keep your belongings secure. Get in touch today to start storing with Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre!