Using a self-storage facility isn’t simply a game of stuffing as many possessions as possible into a certain square footage. Here are four valuable tips for getting the most out of your rented storage space.

Consider Non-Cardboard Boxes

We love cardboard boxes as much as the next person. But at the end of the day, cardboard was never meant to be a permanent storage solution. The longer cardboard boxes are stored, the more likely they are to wilt, weaken, and bend due to the weight of the items in them as well as temperature and humidity if in a non-climate-controlled unit. Cardboard can also easily grow mold and mildew if moisture reaches it, which can ruin your items. If you will be storing your items for more than a couple months, consider investing in plastic storage bins and tubs. These are usually stackable and can help keep dust off of your items better than cardboard can.

Get A Sharpie And Label Everything

So you finally packed everything away neatly into a storage unit when your five-year-old daughter asks where her favorite stuffed bunny, Mr. Fluffykins, went to. Suddenly you have a flashback to the moment you put Mr. Fluffykins into a box of her baby clothes she had outgrown, which is now in your storage unit. Unfortunately, you didn’t label any of your boxes and will spend the next six hours opening every single one while your daughter tearfully waits at home. All of this could have been avoided if you had just labeled your boxes. Don’t worry about being too specific. Even making a list of miscellaneous items in a box can come in handy later.

Utilize All Empty Space

If you are storing furniture, store small items in empty drawers and cabinets. This is a great place to store fragile or valuable items such as collectible figurines or baseball cards, certificates, and glassware that you can’t risk getting smushed or broken in a storage box. f you think you might forget what is in there, make a “map” to these items and tape it to the inside wall of your storage unit so you won’t forget.

Organize With Common Sense

Items that you take out frequently, such as holiday decorations, should be stored at the front for easy access. Items like old baby clothes that your kiddos no longer need can be stored near the back. While we consider our units safe and secure and have an on-site manager available at all times, you might want to consider storing anything of tremendous value toward the back in a hard-to-access spot. Additionally, utilize all space in the unit. A 5-feet by 5-feet unit becomes a lot bigger when you are able to stack items all the way to the ceilings. Place heavier items in sturdy boxes on the bottom, and lightweight items can go on top.

Store Smart With Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre

These are just four ways to get the most out of your self-storage unit. Contact us today for more storage solutions and to get started with your own storage unit at Chapel Hill Self-Storage Centre in Akron.