Sometimes it seems like there is a self-storage facility on every street corner. With so many to choose from, how do you know which storage unit is right for you? It is important to remember that not all storage facilities are created equal. The condition of the unit itself, the availability of access, and the location are all things to take into consideration when searching for safe and affordable self-storage. Today, we would like to offer some things to keep in mind when choosing the best self-storage facility in Akron, Ohio.

Self-Storage Should Also Mean Self-Access

If you store your items in a personal self-storage unit that you pay a monthly fee to keep, shouldn’t you be able to access those items 24 hours per day any day of the year? While our storage facilities are fenced in, we have an electronic gate that can allow access to your storage unit at any time of the day or night.

Store Your Items In A Clean Space

As one of Akron’s newest self-storage centers, our storage facility is in great shape. More importantly, though, is that we are committed to providing our renters with spotless storage units at the time of move-in. This means that you can expect your storage unit to be free of cobwebs, dust, dirt, leaves, trash, and anything else that might have blown in there during the move-out of the last renter. You wouldn’t want to move into a dirty apartment, so why should your storage unit be any different? We are, in essence, your landlords for the time that you rent a storage unit from us, and we want our renters to feel good about their decision to choose Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre.

Feel Safe At Your Storage Unit

Many storage facilities are, frankly, off the beaten path. It makes sense. Property is cheaper the further out of town you go so storage owners can charge lower prices and attract more customers. At the end of the day, it’s just business and we respect our competitors. However, we know that some people might feel uncomfortable going to their storage unit by themselves after dark, especially in a deserted part of town. Chapel Hill Self Storage Centre is located right across from Chapel Hill Mall in a fenced-in and gated area. Like we said above, we offer 24-hour access to storage units. Our aisles are extra wide so you can park your car right next to your unit, and our facility is incredibly well-lit for your comfort. Additionally, we have a friendly on-site manage and video recording so you can feel secure accessing your rented storage space any time of day or night.

Keep Your Valuables In Good Condition

At our self-storage facilities, we offer optional climate-controlled facilities that keep both temperature and humidity in check. These units are affordable and can help keep everything from wedding dresses to antique furniture to your great-grandmother’s piano to your favorite Rolling Stones vinyl record in great condition. Clothing, electronics, musical instruments and other items can warp, corrode, and grow mildew when not properly stored, so choosing a self-storage center with temperature-controlled units is a must if you have items of sentimental or monetary value.

The Choice Is Easy

Chapel Hill Self-Storage Centre has all of the amenities you need for storing your valuable items for a great price and in a great location. Whether you are looking for a small 5-feet by 5-feet climate-controlled storage unit, or are in need of up to 300-square feet, our storage units are affordable, easy to access, and perfectly accommodating for all of your storage needs. Contact us today to get started storing at our self-storage facility.